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Breathe, laugh and be with the horses

Breathe, laugh and be with the horses - Enjoy the spectacular nature of Saanenland. Come ride the scenic trails with your expert guide, learn how to help your horse through challenges on the way and enjoy peaceful stops and opportunities for lovely food and drink.

Teaching your horse confidence in real life

Have a look at this quite long video if you are interested in how to train your horse when outside. The purpose here is to help Ruby relax and be confident around the water and the soft banks of the river. It is key to be able to read the horse and to work with exactly the right balance of reassurance and encouragement. Notice that I start on the ground so I can truly read her and support to the maximum. Feel free to get in touch if you have questions

Come ride with us in winter at gstaad

Discover the Saanenland on the back of the horses. Wonderful day rides led by Sarah Matti. Come to Saanen with your horse and enjoy the beautiful landscape in a different way. Whether private, in groups or clubs. We organize an experience that you will never forget.